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Best Mu Online Server

Is one of the best season 3 server with modified files, and very nice friendly staff team.

Support System

Best support system, and very good anti cheat-system.

Join us today

Join us today, and become a legend.

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Top Donaters Rank.

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Hello everybody!

We will have a official Rank for those participants who will donate for our Project, and the name of the group will be Top Donaters.

If you donated more than 50$ for supporting our Project to be alive, then feel free to post in, this thread with details about the donations, and somebody from our Staff Team will add you automatically to the group.

We will check the transaction, and if, this transaction will be successfully, then somebody from our Staff Team will take a action as soon as possible.

Now I'll show the format how your application will be successfully.

1. (First Name):

2. (Last Name):

3. (Country):

4. (Your Character Name):

5. (Date of your Donations):

6. (For what you donated in our Project):

I'll Pin, this thread, but be carefully, and please Respect, this format, and your application will be successfully.

The Icon of the Rank will be added in, this thread soon.

At the final our Project is wishing to everybody a nice day or a good night. 🙂 It's depends from wich country you reading this.

Hell yeah!



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