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Best Mu Online Server

Is one of the best season 3 server with modified files, and very nice friendly staff team.

Support System

Best support system, and very good anti cheat-system.

Join us today

Join us today, and become a legend.

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[Cho]Banned List.

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Hello everybody.

Now I'll share with our participants where will be the banned list, and how will be the format, and how will be the updates of the list.

You already read the rules, and you already know the period of banning if you will break our Rules.

This, thread will be updated everytime by somebody from our staff when somebody will be in, the list.

It's better to don't use prohibited stuffs, and to try to Respect our Rules, because if you will break our Rules more than three times, then you can be Banned Permanently.

Now I'll show you the format of our Banned List.

Banned Character:  (Name)

Period:  (How many days you'll be banned)

Reason:  (For what you was banned)

Link:  (The link of the Report)

At the final our Project is wishing to everybody a nice day or a good night. 🙂 It's depends from wich country you reading this.

Hell yeah!


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